The Benefits Of Telecoms Providers Over Online Services

29-06-2017 - Published by Nick Stansfield - telecommunications

Despite prior reports to the contrary, it was recently discovered free online services are quickly gaining market share over traditional telecoms providers. Although a report from 2014 suggested only 16% of landline calls and 5% of mobile calls were placed using this system, that figure has quickly risen. It’s predicted that by 2018 landline calls will be of an equal split and text messages will be more frequently sent via the use of online services.

With a rapid growth in communications services such as iMessage and Facetime being used across the world, it’s no surprise the use of telecoms services is dwindling. The enticement of having a “free” platform to use is often the main appeal, but the importance of traditional telecoms providers is very prevalent and shouldn’t be ignored – especially when it comes to building relationships between the customer and the company.

Of course, for more personal contact the use of services such as WhatsApp makes perfect sense. But in a business setting you’re going to want to be using a more established, secure and reliable platform to communicate with.

There are plenty of different reasons to choose a telecoms provider over the cheaper option of a free online service – here are just a select few:


  • Telecoms services offer a constantly reliable mode of communication
  • Relying on wi-fi could potentially lead to dropped/slow connections
  • A telecoms system within your business is crucial for management and organisation
  • Your business is more trustworthy with a reliable communications system

One important thing to remember about telecoms providers is the reliability they offer. The extensive and continued use of telephones and text messaging throughout history highlights them as an inherently reliable mode of communication.

In contrast, unstable and slow Wi-Fi connections, and the concept of “data”, are a constant cause for concern when relying on online-based providers. As such, choosing telecoms will instead ensure a more reliable service wherever you are – ideal for business partners who may not be situated locally, but are an integral part of the company.

Having designated services within telecommunications in businesses is crucial for management and administration. Free online services simply don’t offer the same range of organisation. Fax and email communications work in tangent with telephones to create a reliable system upon which customer relations are made stronger, and your business becomes more trustworthy.




  • Lack of encryption on online services leads to a lack of trust
  • Skype was exposed for looking into confidential data sent by its users
  • Using a telecoms system ensures security and confidentiality between your business and your clients

It is fair to presume that businesses look for security in their communications. Once again, telecoms providers stand out as the best choice in this department. With a lack of encryption on some services and an ongoing debate regarding the security of sending information online, having a secure telecoms system in place would add a certain degree of trustworthiness to your business. It’s especially important today, considering just how much confidential and private data is transferred on a daily basis across phone and internet networks.

Skype is a service that is rapidly becoming more popular within businesses for direct, face-to-face communication with those who aren’t in the office. On the surface it seems like an ingenious idea, but it’s important to be aware of the privacy risks.

Microsoft runs the Skype servers and it isn’t a secret your activity is monitored to gather data and effectively improve their services. But, in 2013, it was discovered information sent via Skype – including previously unvisited and secret websites – was accessible from computers on Microsoft’s servers, as an IP address belonging to the organisation visited the links.

With a secure telecommunications system, you’ll evade a lack of encryption and accessible sensitive data. Every aspect of the network is secure and encrypted, meaning that confidential information can be transferred between client and business. Premier Choice Telecom’s PWAN solution is a great choice for any business due to its security and reliability.


Internal benefits

  • Processes within your business can be better tracked with a fully-fledged telecoms system
  • Online services only offer one singular method of communication
  • Your workplaces flows better and is more productive when it’s easier to track progress

An established telecoms system may be beneficial for communication with customers, but internally it’s necessary for tracking different processes. In a warehouse, for example, a sales team will take an order from a client which then gets communicated to the warehouse, where it will then be forwarded to the accounts department in order to organise finances.

Whereas a free online service usually provides one singular method of communication, telecoms make this process a lot simpler and easier to track with segregated platforms to transfer data upon.

The information needed is accessible by any department within a business, meaning that processes become a lot simpler. This is all centrally managed on one system. When choosing to employ a telecoms solution in your business, you’re electing to integrate a secure and straightforward system into necessary processes – allowing for a more productive workplace.


The personal touch

  • Your tone of voice accounts for 38% of your communication’s effectivity
  • Using social media doesn’t provide an opportunity to establish a strong business/customer relationship
  • Telecoms are essential for creating reliable bonds

Something as simple as a phone call is vital in maintaining and improving customer relationships. Dr Albert Mehrabian found the tone of voice used in direct communication accounts for 38% of the call’s effectivity, as opposed to 7% being down to the content of the communication itself. Businesses endeavour to maintain long-lasting customer relationships, so communicating via telephone is perhaps the most effective method.

Social media has become increasingly popular to contact businesses on – more specifically the larger brands such as supermarkets and chain restaurants. It’s a laidback and easy method of communication, but it doesn’t offer an opportunity to create a bond between the business and the customer. This is something telecoms are renowned for.

The increasing prominence of social media in our everyday lives suggests that businesses should seek to embrace its universal appeal, but to gain those loyal customer relationships – especially when your business is small and looking to grow – telecoms are the essential choice for communication.

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Although telecoms providers are obviously the more sensible choice in building an effective communications system within your business, it is important not to ignore the prevalent impact free online services have had, especially in recent years. Morocco recently saw a ban on VoIP calls made via services such as Whatsapp, Skype and Viber due to the dwindling market share of telecoms – a statistic that can be observed universally.

It’s hard to deny that these services are effective for more personal communications from person to person, but businesses need to rely on a more established and secure system in order for processes to run smoothly. Premier Choice Telecom is an ideal choice for businesses of any size looking to build reliable and trustworthy relationships with customers through secure telecommunications. Discover more by exploring exactly what we can offer you.

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