Change extension names

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tracy from Premier. I’m here to show you how to change extension names on your Panasonic phone system.

If you wish to change an extension name on your system, go to the administrator’s phone, usually the large display phone, press program and dial star, star, one, two, three, four. At this point, you will see system program number on the display. Dial 004 and then press enter. Once you pressed enter, it will show enter extension number. Dial the extension number of the person you wish to change the name for. There’ll be a clear option so press the button underneath clear and then type in the new name as if you’re texting. If you need a gap or you need to move forward, you just press the arrow key.

Once you’ve entered the name, you can then press enter on the display to save the name. Once you’ve finished your programming, press hold and then press exit on the display and that will end the program.