Purple WiFi

Purple WiFi Overview

People have come to expect free WiFi in public locations, but what is the benefit for the provider? Purple WiFi is set to revolutionise this. It offers a family friendly WiFi for your customers that capitalises on your marketing efforts at the same time.

Once installed, Purple WiFi can be logged in via social media platforms. These would include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Each host can specify that users will need to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the company before accessing WiFi and in turn, this captures useful data. Purple WiFi is available in 50 countries worldwide.

There are a range of other excellent benefits for choosing the Purple WiFi solution too. These include the opportunity to utilise analytics, content filtering and even geo-fencing technology. Your personalised portal will give you access to data such as age, gender, number of visits and location too. Therefore, your company’s marketing efforts can be perfectly tailored.

Plus, Purple WiFi has all the security and privacy protocols as your usual connection. It’s offered in line with best practice guidelines and can be customised to your business, whether you’re in the education, healthcare, retail or hospitality sector.

Purple WiFi Key Features

Purple WiFi offers so much more than your standard Internet connection. As well as providing customers with free access to the Internet throughout the day or night, there are a number of key features that help set it apart from the crowd.

WiFi Analytics: Analysing customer data is important and thanks to your personalised Purple Portal, this will become easier than ever before. There is a range of demographics to analyse, including gender, age, location, data usage and length of time on the Internet. With this to hand, creating tailored marketing campaigns is possible.

WiFi Marketing: Purple WiFi also allows you to market your business to customers when they’re online. Both the online and offline splash pages can be customised with your personal branding and help to target the audience effectively.

Presence Analytics: Purple WiFi enables you to analyse how many times a user logs in and therefore, is a returning customer. This is another useful tool to have access to for marketing purposes.

Location Based Services: For retail particularly, this is a handy addition to Purple WiFi. You’ll be able to track how your customers navigate through the shop, including the entry and exit points. This can help you to create personalised online messages and better adjust sales displays instore to make an impact.

Geo-fencing: With geo-fencing you’re able to track customer movements in specific sections, which can subsequently trigger marketing messages. For example, find out how long someone spends in the clothing department and offer accessories or news of sales.

Social WiFi: This is a fantastic addition to your WiFi and offers the chance for a mandatory ‘like’ or ‘follow’ of your company on social media, before they’re able to access free WiFi. Research suggests this isn’t a put off for customers either and they’re generally happy to oblige. Once a customer is following your company, marketing messages will appear on their feed or timeline, bettering exposure and brand awareness.

WiFi Security and Legal: Many customers have concerns when accessing free WiFi, mainly because of feared security issues and privacy leaks. However, Purple WiFi is completely secure and in line with legislation. This means customers can enjoy free WiFi without their privacy being compromised.

Content Filtering: With public WiFi there is the risk of customers accessing content that wouldn’t be deemed as family friendly. To ensure this doesn’t become an issue, rest assured that Purple WiFi comes complete with filtering service blocks, so URLs can be blacklisted. Purple WiFi is also a member of the Internet Watch Foundation.

What Sectors is Purple WiFi Suitable For?

Purple WiFi is the perfect solution for a number of industry sectors, enabling you to capture data about your customers and improve your overall marketing presence. As you’ve read above, there are a variety of superb benefits to choosing Purple WiFi and much to take advantage of.

Among others, Purple WiFi is currently used around the UK in the following sectors:

  • Retail and leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Health and education
  • Travel and transport
  • Public sector and commercial
  • Telecoms and marketing.

If you’re interested in the possibilities of Purple WiFi and want to install this fantastic Internet connection in your premises, get in touch with Premier Choice Telecom and discuss your options.

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