VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP as it is commonly known, is a type of hardware and software which enables businesses to use the Internet to send voice data rather than the traditional method of telephone calls. At Premier Choice Telecom, we provide a wealth of businesses with comprehensive VoIP solutions. All of our clients who have selected one of our VoIP solutions packages currently benefit from:

  • Rapid, secure and efficient VoIP solutions: All of our VoIP services are hosted by renowned companies such as Siemens and Panasonic. This permits our clients to benefit from rapid and consistent communications channels; all of which are comprehensively safeguarded and backed-up by credible telecommunications organisations,
  • Cost-effective communications rates: By selecting our VoIP solutions package, our clients receive 20% reductions in their UK, international and mobile call rates, free internal and inter-site calls,
  • Professional account management: All Premier Choice Telecom clients receive a personal Account Manager. These account managers are skilled communications specialists with experience of managing the development of numerous companies of varying levels of scale. As such, they can provide customised VoIP solutions packages which will improve your business and enable it to achieve its local, national and global potential,
  • Improved customer interactions and satisfaction rates: Our superior call controls enable businesses to interact with their prospective customers and business partners much more rapidly and effectively; thereby consolidating their individual reputations for providing excellent customer services. These superior call rates have also drastically reduced the number of missed calls which our clients previously had,
  • Technological support and advice: All Premier Choice Telecom clients can access our 24/7 IT Support Helpline, as well as our 4-hour remote access response time for system maintenance and support under our Day Care or Constant Care maintenance packages,
  • Improved business efficiency: None of our clients have to change their pre-existing phone numbers. As a result, all of our clients can continue their day-to-day business activities without any disruptions,
  • Strengthened company reputation: The addition of VoIP geographical numbers makes your business appear larger and more globally established to new customers and potential business partners. As a result, you can attract the custom and investment of more influential business prospects,
  • Increased business productivity: With our additional features such as caller display, caller divert and web management services, you can delegate your company’s administrational duties more productively.

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