Lines & Calls

In order for your business to function at its maximum potential, you need to have access to efficient business lines and calls services which accommodate the individual needs of your business. At Premier Choice Telecom, we supply our business clients with an extensive range of customisable telecommunications services at flexible tariff rates. Listed below are some of our most popular business lines and calls services, and the ways in which they can improve your current business communications model:

  • Comprehensive line rental services: We will manage all of your calls and line rental services and will carry out a free audit of your current call and rental charges prior to the installation of new analogue and digital lines,
  • Cost-effective rates: Our free installation service and complementary monthly management reports ensure all of our customer receive cost-effective line and call rates. All of you local, national. International and mobile call rates will be significantly reduced thanks to our simple and accessible processes,
  • Exemplary line rental portfolio: For over 14 years Premier Choice Telecom has collaborated with several esteemed telecommunications providers including; BT Openreach, BT Wholesale and Cable & Wireless. As a result we offer our customers reliable and professional line rental services, as well as additional functionality features such as caller display and call divert,
  • Inbound numbers: We will collaborate with your business in order to assign you with memorable and relevant inbound numbers. These inbound numbers will facilitate easy and rapid communications channels between your business and its customers, suppliers and prospective business partners. We will install a comprehensive in-house system so that you can efficiently transfer calls across the various departments within your business. We also facilitate online access to all of your inbound numbers so that you can easily change the destination to which your calls are forwarded at any given time,
  • Efficient direct connect services: Depending on your monthly call rates, you may benefit financially from a Premier Choice Telecom direct connect service to a particular network. Our direct connect systems form a physical connection between your office site and your chosen network; thereby reducing your current call rates and providing you with a reliable and secure connection,
  • One supplier for all of your line and call services: By amalgamating all of your pre-existing lines with Premier Choice Telecom, we will oversee and manage all aspects of your company’s communications systems. As a result, you can focus solely upon the expansion of your business without the hassle of corresponding with multiple suppliers,
  • Professional and dedicated technical support: All of our business clients are able to access our 24/7 IT Support Helpline. Moreover, we currently operate a 4-hour remote access response time for system maintenance and support under our Day Care or Constant Care maintenance packages.

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