Business Numbers

At Premier Choice Telecom, we are adept at providing business numbers for all of our esteemed clients. Our efficient and cost-effective systems can be seamlessly integrated within your current business model. By doing so, your business can continue to expand and diversify with the comprehensive support of a professional telecommunications network.

Amongst the business number services which we provide include non-geographic numbers. These business numbers do not correspond to a specific geographic location and consequently are completely portable if your business needs to move to a different office site. Moreover, we enable our clients to select their own NGN numbers. By doing so, you can assign memorable and relevant NGN codes to the different tiers within your business. Our team of accomplished IT professionals will install your specific NGN codes, instruct you and your staff on how to operate your business with them, and will remain at hand 24/7 in case you require any technical assistance or advice.

Any calls to freephone 0800 and 0808 numbers are paid for by the company who receives them; thus aiding your ability to maximize enquires to promotions and advertising. Extensive research demonstrates that business who capitalise upon these numbers can increase their customer response rates by up to 40%.

Therefore, at Premier Choice Telecom, we will help you assign unique NGN codes to your company’s various promotional campaigns and advertising channels. By doing so, we can track the success of these individual campaigns and determine why they were or were not successful. As a result, you can streamline your company’ resources and solely focus upon your most successful marketing campaigns.

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