Networking and Connectivity

At Premier Choice Telecom, we are adept at providing networking services and connectivity solutions for a diverse range of clients. Our efficient and cost-effective communications systems can be seamlessly integrated within your current business model. By doing so, your business can continue to expand and diversify with the comprehensive support of a credible communications and data network.

Premier Choice Telecom’s experienced team of IT professionals currently provide a wealth of UK businesses with the following networking and connectivity services and solutions:

VPN Services

Multiple, Secure VPNs, Flexible management services, 24/7 IT Support Helpline, Full Control Panel Access.

We offer a Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) service which creates a private network between your company's multiple sites. This service enables your company to consistently access all of your business applications at cost effective rates. What's more, if you wish to alter any aspects of your VPN service, we will provide you with full control panel access.

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Business Broadband

Unlimited downloads, 24/7 Support, Personal Account Manager & Free Static IP Address.

By selecting our business broadband package, your business can benefit from scalable broadband widths and national coverage, ADSL broadband packages with download speeds of up to 24Mb and upload speeds of up to 1Mb, and access to our 24/7 IT Technical Support Helpline. You will also receive a personal account manager who will oversee all of your business broadband needs.

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P2P & VPN Services , 24/7 Support, Personal Account Manager.

Our team of communications experts have over 10 years of experience at integrating and maintaining Ethernet services for a variety of different businesses. As a result, we can provide your business with a rapid and reliable Internet connection so that you can maintain constant communications networks between your customers and staff.

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Structured cabling

Flexible Unified Systems, 24/7 Support, Personal Account Manager.

Our structured cabling services equip UK businesses with a single flexible cabling infrastructure to support all of your company's technological devices. Whether your company uses voice and data services or multimedia and network systems, structured cabling can harmonise the various departments of your company and the different systems which they utilise.

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