Data Centre

At Premier Choice Telecom, we have developed a comprehensive Data Centre service in order to help our business clients construct and manage a cloud-based platform. Our team of accomplished communications specialists can transfer all of your data and information resources into a single, unified business infrastructure. Listed below are some of the ways in which your business can profit by utilising Premier Choice Telecom’s Data Centre service:

  • Fast and efficient business processes: Our Data Centre service enables you to access, send and receive all of your necessary business information much faster and more efficiently than your previously data systems. This is due to the fact that, instead of operating across a complicated series of software and data systems, you can amalgamate all of your data into a series of interconnected facets which function as a single system. Consequently, you can easily access all of your information precisely when you need it,
  • Professional installation and regular maintenance: Your company’s Data Centre service will be installed and maintained by a team of Premier Choice Telecom IT professionals who have over 10 years of knowledge and experience within the communications industry,
  • Customisable Data Centre packages: All of our clients will initially consult with a team of skilled communications specialists. By doing so, we will design and implement a customised Data Centre package which is individually tailored to accommodate for all of your company’s preferences and industry requirements.
  • Improved workplace productivity and reduced running costs: Due to the fact that all of your business operations will now be amalgamated within a single system, your employees will be able to access and store data much more productively. Furthermore, this single system will comprise of less equipment; thereby reducing your company’s overall power, cooling and cable maintenance expenses,
  • Secure UK Data Centres: All of our data centre services are based within the UK and are connected with multiple Tier 1 providers. Moreover, all of our data centres services have been certified as meeting the highest security requirements,
  • Accessible and specialised technical support: All of our business clients have access to our 24/7 IT Support Helpline.We also operate 4-hour remote access response time for system maintenance and support under our Day Care or Constant Care maintenance packages.

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