Hosted Solutions

By choosing a hosting service which is managed by Premier Choice Telecom, you will equip your business with a flexible platform for your business communications. In today’s global economy, it is important that businesses can store and access their company information anywhere and at any given time.

Premier Choice Telecom recognise the importance of this universal and unlimited data access for expanding businesses. As a result, our IT professionals will oversee the hardware, networking, security and maintenance of your data hosting service for an affordable rate. By doing so, you can remain confident that your business data is accessible and secure at all times. Our comprehensive hosting solutions will grant your business access to:

Unified Communications

At Premier Choice Telecom, we will work with your company in order to integrate all of your real-time communication services; such as instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing, voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax. This service will enable your business to utilise an efficient and consistent unified user-interface for all of your company's multiple devices and media platforms.

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Call Recording and Call Logging

We currently offer a wide range of call recording services to suit businesses of varying sizes. We will automatically record your company calls and upgrade your call recording systems so that your business receives a consistently efficient level of service. Your business will also benefit from monthly management reports and unrestricted access to our 24/7 IT Technical Support Helpline.

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Data Centre

We have developed a comprehensive Data Centre service which will aid your business to construct and manage a cloud-based platform. All of our data centres are based within the UK and have been certified as meeting the highest security requirements. Using our services, your business can access, send and receive all your company information at a rapid and consistent rate.

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