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26-09-2016 - Published by admin - PWAN

When you consider the vast amounts of private data travelling across your phone and Internet network, it’s clear you need a system in place that’ll retain the utmost protection for your business.

That is where Premier’s new private wide area network (PWAN) comes in to improve the security and reliability of your telephony connection. With our PWAN service, you can:

  • Enjoy a fully secure and encrypted network, with the selection of data centre locations and providers chosen to specifically reflect this
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs
  • Have a scalable solution that will be managed centrally
  • Incorporate a home office into the solution

What’s more, documents can be accessed as quickly as with a LAN connection and data can be exchanged some 35% faster than VPNs.

What are the benefits of a PWAN solution?

The benefits of Premier’s PWAN solution for your business needs include:

  • Increased security. Premier’s PWAN solution includes added layers of security as a result of end-to-end control of call traffic to BT Wholesale. This means there is no need for call traffic to pass publically across the Internet. There is no need for VPNs at all between Premier Choice Telecom’s managed services. This is because the sites can be connected into the PWAN and configured to communicate privately with one another.
  • Scalability. Scalability is vital when it comes to your telecommunications, allowing your business to extend or reduce reach simply and securely. Our scalable network will ensure your business has the room it needs to grow, without holding back your telecommunications potential.
  • Protection against fraudulent hacking. One of the key benefits to increased security is reducing the threat of fraudulent hacking. This is an issue that has plagued businesses up and down the UK in recent years, with hackers using techniques such as dial through fraud to target vulnerable connections. Thanks to a secure PWAN service, the same tactics can’t be employed and as such, there is less risk of falling victim to this crime.
  • Excellent features including:
    1. Multi-site environment: Multiple sites can be connected to one central system, helping to reduce costs and ensuring each location receives the same top level security, protecting data and call traffic.
    2. One point of contact: As Premier is your single point of contact, your business will be able to save both time and money when dealing with any connectivity issues. We offer a 24/7 support to ensure your system is up and running when you need it most.


Why should I switch to Premier’s PWAN service?

The PWAN solution is perfect for businesses either replacing their older technologies, or considering a completely new system.

Premier would also recommend the PWAN solution to businesses in industries such as health organisations, corporate businesses, charities, legal practices and retail – where dealing with large-scale levels of secure and private data are an everyday occurrence.

All issues are managed by the experienced Premier team, so by choosing us you have the peace of mind any technical difficulties or queries will be dealt with swiftly. Premier’s customers have a single point of contact for any connectivity issues. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, over 95% of Premier Choice Telecom customers said they were satisfied the fault they logged had been completely resolved.

This ensures your business doesn’t suffer sustained periods of downtime. This is a solution that our competitors simply aren’t able to offer, so if you want to enjoy a first-class telephony network that’s both secure and reliable, simply pick up the phone and speak to the team.

Premier Choice Telecom is committed to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes. Find out more about how our PWAN service could suit your business needs and contact us today.

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