At Premier Choice Telecom, we are dedicated to providing excellent learning facilities for several educational institutions. Our clients within the educational sector benefit from heightened communication systems as well as improved access to online learning facilities and interactive mediums.

Our team of telecommunications professionals educational institutions across the United Kingdom with an diverse range of communications services and educational systems, including:

  • Online learning platforms
  • Interactive teaching equipment
  • Multi-site connectivity
  • Video conferencing
  • Call management services which integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Technological support from a team of communications specialists

By working with our highly accomplished team, we can create a customised communications support plan which will seamlessly accompany the individual curriculum for your educational facility, and heighten its administrational duties. At Premier Choice Telecom, we endeavour to cater for all of your educational needs, thereby enabling you to:

  • Facilitate rapid, reliable and efficient in-house communications systems between teachers and other members of the faculty
  • Host interactive and online learning sessions between teachers and students
  • Assign, grade and upload educational activities, homework and mock exam paper questions to your students
  • Benefit from cost-effective educational and communications solutions
  • Receive 24/7 IT support from experienced Premier Choice Telecom professionals
  • Send mass messages to students and faculty, i.e. in the event of a snow day when your school or college has to close.

Subsequently, by integrating our services within your educational institution, your students and members of staff can benefit from improved communications channels on a daily basis. Moreover, if your facility suffers from any technical difficulties, our 24/7 IT Support team are at hand to resolve any issues and permit your educational facility to function efficiently at all times.

As well as online educational institutions, we continue to provide communications plans and IT support for several schools across the UK. Some of the schools which we continue to advise and support include:

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By equipping these schools with consistently rapid Internet access and IT support, their students can access a wide range of learning resources in order to improve their grades and computer skills. We provide the necessary communications systems so that teachers can deliver informative and interactive presentations as well as assigning and collecting homework via online learning platforms such as Moodle. Consequently, the children at these schools can improve their knowledge of several subjects by using new and interesting multimedia facilities.