At Premier Choice Telecom, we recognise that charitable organisations need to remain in consistent contact with their members in order to achieve your campaign objectives and generate support for your upcoming fundraisers. As a result, our team of IT professionals are committed to providing rapid and consistent communication systems between charities and their members. We will provide your charity with a comprehensive series of telecommunications and online systems so that you can promote your fundraisers and charitable ideals to a larger audience. In order to ensure your charity receives the support it deserves, we offer an extensive range of communications packages, including:

  • Voice, data and mobile services to make your charity more accessible to its members
  • Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems which will enable your charity to deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet
  • Inbound and hosted telephone services to harmonise the various departments within your charity
  • Free and impartial advice on how best to communicate your campaign ideals, objectives and fundraising events to new and current sponsors
  • Special discounts for cost-effective services
  • Professional IT support via our 24/7 IT Technical Support Helpline

At Premier Choice Telecom, we collaborate with leading telephone manufacturers in order to equip your charity with state of the art communications services and equipment. Consequently, all of our clients can rest assured that you will receive systems and solutions which are tailored to accommodate your specific campaign needs.

Irrespective of whether you are a global, national or local charity, we offer a series of flexible plans and low cost line services to suit your particular budget. We will also assign your organisation a personal Account Manager who will oversee the installation and maintenance of your communications systems. By doing so, we will ensure your charity is operating to its full potential and that you are communicating your campaign messages to a large audience of current and prospective sponsors.

Furthermore, if at any stage you suffer from technical difficulties, or if you would like to alter an aspect of your communications system, feel free to contact our 24/7 IT Technical Support team. Our team of experienced communications specialists are at hand to resolve any issues and permit your charitable organisation to function efficiently at all times.

As a result of this high level of service, Premier Choice Telecom continue to support and advise a wide range of UK charities including;


We have instructed these organisations and their members on the best communications systems which would suit their charities’ campaign needs and budget. For instance, during our recent work with Age Concern, we helped them to install a new server which now enables their organisation to maintain regular contact with all of their sponsors. As a result, their charity can arrange fundraising events far more efficiently as well as communicating their campaign ideals and objectives to a broad spectrum of potential online donators.


Age Concern

"We joined Premier Choice in 2006 the service has always been of a high standard and any concerns that we have had have been dealt with efficiently and professionally. On the service we have received I would recommend them"


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