At Premier Choice Telecom, we offer bespoke and intelligent communications solutions which are individually tailored to suit the needs of your business. Irrespective of the industry within which your business operates, our communications team will offer reliable and committed services. Our communications services are supported by 24/7 help lines as well as competitive pricing for all of your systems.


At Premier Choice Telecom we’re committed to providing a range of first-class technology solutions fit for retail purposes. As such, we offer a variety of cost-effective measures designed to analyse and improve customer flows, gather crucial information and feedback on potential improvements. These will help to better your in-house promotions and advertisements.

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We currently provide professional communications solutions packages for over 816 GP surgeries across the UK. This industry relevant experience enables us to integrate efficient in-house communication systems for a wide range of healthcare businesses. We can equip you and your staff with the necessary communications services to improve the day-to-day running of your healthcare practice.

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We recognise that charities require access to rapid and consistent communication systems in order to arrange fundraising events and maintain contact with their various sponsors. As a result, we provide a comprehensive range of effective yet affordable communications services which have been customised to suit charitable organisations.

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Educational facilities require consistent communications systems to contact and support their students and staff members. Our wide range of services and specialised IT support can help educational facilities improve these student-teacher interactions and access to online learning facilities. Within our educational communications packages include; multi-site connectivity services, interactive teaching equipment, access to online learning platforms and video conferencing facilities.

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